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Dear Driver,
Dear co-Driver,

  the Rally Tracking Service, as you surely know, provides some bureaucratic and administrative tasks that steal precious time during the Scrutineering and Sports.

  In order to facilitate you as much as possible we have prepared this application form on the web that you can fill out right now and that will avoid losing further time during audits.
Please, therefore, enter your details using the form below.

  The information you provide will be used to properly carry out the service of tracking during the race to which you prepare to participate.
If not, you will need to do it the day of the Scrutineering / Sports.
This will involve, for that day, a further loss of time.

Tracking System Privacy -> CLICK HERE to read.

One last thing ...
As expected from the regulations of ACI Sport Service, before the race you will need to leave a deposit of € 150 which will be returned after the race.
In our and, above all, in your interest we ask you kindly to present yourself with the exact amount to be paid.
In this way we will be even faster and you will be free even before.

To know more about RDS Tracking System CLICK HERE.

It is possible to buy the Rally KIT by CLICKING HERE.

For clarification contact us.

Thanks for the collaboration and good luck!
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